We respect the intellectual property right of others.

We offer a diverse mix of content. Because we are new in this industry, it is possible that some videos are of course protected by copyright. Nevertheless, we check all sources and also the indicated copyright in the videos. If we cannot determine this, we offer the stream from various sources on our website. We have already purchased dozens of videos and also make videos, you can always make a proposal for a collaboration

We are not a pirate tube but do offer copyright-free content and cannot always keep an overview of all right. When we know that there is a copyright, we do not offer the stream or video.

In conjunction with the overview. We do not have a download function on our website. If the copyright is violated on another source, nothing can be distributed further from our platform.

If we have violated the wrong video or copyright, this is not done intentionally. In that case, we are sorry and we will ensure a good communication and are always willing to take action immediately.

All notifications not relevant to us or ineffective under the law will receive no response or action. An effective notification of claimed infringement must be a written communication that includes substantially the following:

  • Include a URL or the location on our Website
  • Information that will allow us to contact you.
  • A statement that you are the owner or are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the content.
  • A signature from the copyright holder or a representative.

to the adress.